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I've began to put more and more effort into my content creation on Youtube than I ever did before so its only getting better. While I learn more video and photo editing I begin to produce better and better content!!

Let Talk About League Of Legends

The META in League of Legends is what champions are played in what role with what masteries/items. Because of the newest assassin rework(patch 6.22) some people are still first timing the reworked champs in ranked. I personally stay away from leblanc because she had a major overhaul of her kit while Kat on the other hand had some slight changes. Currently I to play on the Turkish server with 130-150 constant ping until I get back stateside so I just focus on learning to read the map and work on overall knowledge of the game. I left my main in NA sitting at G3 but I was plat up until right before I left. I see something way to often here, the thought process of "I need to carry". You can just tell by the picks. So with that being said here as some of the top tier picks right now as well as a brief description why.

Top Lane




Naughty Nautilus Jayce Fiora
Sion Kennen Gnar
Poppy Rengar Darius
Maokai Quinn Irelia

All of these fatty Top Lane Tanks use courage of the colossus Extremely well plus all of the top laners like Fiora and Riven just took a major hit in early game dps from the fervor nerfs... Just play tanks.Become unkillable.Profit Elo.

If you think your up to the challenge and want to put your carry pants on I have also made a list of harder carry DPS top laners. My personal favorite would be Kennen because you have good DPS while also offering nice CC for your team. In lower Elo a team comp with a lot of CC usually does pretty well because players arent good at playing around your cooldowns.The Carry top laners a going to be very squishy but output a ton of damage but the fighter tops will do both. Quinn and Rengar as two beast of their own because both have very high damage output and mobility... RIP your carries man...

Fighter top laners put out a respectable amount of damamge while still being able to soak up for their carries. Unfortunately if you are looking to play Darius,Irelia,or Fiora they may or may not be banned because people dont want to play against these champs. As a reformed Irelia main.. This saddens me...





Rengar Vi Sejuani
Graves Lee Sin Zac
Twitch Shyvana Ammumu
Kha'zix Hecarim Rammus

Jungle is in a very weird spot right now just considering that changes were made and the camps are now stronger than ever. If you pick a champ without some sort of AOE clear your going to have a back time.At the same time you have SOOOO many options just depends on your play style and what you want to do for your team.

DPS is stronk, with great carry potential but also a very greedy play style and your pretty squishy in most cases. Except Graves.... his E is still busted. Also clearing early is a bit of a struggle for the first few levels but you should just farm when you need to and get some early kills.

Fighters are another story. Tanky enough to soak up damage but also clap your ad. All of these fighters rush some sort of damage items and have strong early game ganks and scale relatively well.

Tanks are just tanks. Fatty front line with some devistating lock down.Ivern is also very very good right now but is playstyle is miss understood by a lot of lower Elo players... He does very well in the new jungle(go figure right) but his play style is more supportive and they arent good at supportive play. Everyone has to be the hero right? Ivern is extremely good when played correctly, it allows you to pick a carry Top Laner,have them do their thang. You enable your carries to play more aggressive and have more sustain with all of your shields.



Control Mage

High Mobility

Katarina Orianna Ryze
Zed Viktor Leblanc
Yasou Lux Ahri
Talon Annie Twisted Fate

Mid lane now has a respectable amount of champions of each type that can be played to a great success. Basically everyone has one shot potential at some point in the game but thats the job of the Mid laner while the AD is usually more sustained damage.

Asassins all roam well but I gave them their own category because they tend to hit a powerspike sooner than the High Mobility mages and 3/4 are AD so? Both the Assassins and High Mobility mages can roam fast and impact all over the map but the Assassins will clap your carries faster than you can blink so you better than exhaust up!

Control Mages usually have decent bust damage with range and some sort of CC, these are my favorite types of mid laners because you get to destroy a whole team instead of just 1 person and stay a usually safe distance. If you just starting to play mid or got auto-fill(god forbid right) then Annie is gunna be your go to champ. Very simple kit, good burst, reliable CC and best of all No Skill Shots for those of you that have difficulty with that. I enjoy playing really any of these champs though I am an AD main.

High Mobility mages have decent damage but have better roaming ability early due to having some sort of port/dash and CC to influence other lanes with they get those pesky roams off. Twisted Fate is probably the easiest champ out of all of these because his kit is very simple and his CC isn't a skill shot. With that being said if you pick TF learn when to use your ult and dont spend the entire game trying to roam, every unsuccessful roam is you losing out on farm which just puts you futher and further behind.





Janna Zyra Cowistar
Nami Brand Thresh
Soraka Zilean Nautilus
Bard Karma Braum

Just because you got auto-filled dont ruin the game for everyone elseSupport... The red headed step child of bot lane. The roll no one wants to be auto-filled to. I don't understand as an AD main I would rather be auto-filled to something similar to my role then something completely out of my realm. It's like asking to me jungle when I have only ever played AD and Mid, I just wouldn't be very proficient at it. The difference is people will complain about being auto-filled to support all day but not to any other role because they feel like they can make an impact on every other role. If you look at the grand scheme of things a support has one of the most impactful jobs. I digress. Back to the champions I picked for this role.

Ranged supports were very prevalent in competitive play in season 6 just due to the decent damage they put out in lane, the poke potential and most of them still having decent CC if they land it. As far as solo Q is concerned, if you dont play support at all and get auto-filled just play Janna or Soraka because both of their kits are extremely easy and they are annoying to pay against. Just stay in the back line and buff your carries. Do your best not to die in lane but if your AD is just full bonobo status and suicides then it is what it is let his ass die and you might have to take an L that game. I would stay away from Nami and Bard if your auto-filled to support because they both rely purely on their skill shots.

AP carry.. I mean supports are fun right? Everyone wants to play AP supports. I cant count on my fingers and toes how many people just lock in an AP support no matter what the team comp or who they are playing into. This is sometimes ok depending on how good you are at the champ or the roll, just because you play Brand mid doesnt mean you need to play Brand support if you get auto-filled. Though if your good enough at Brand it could translate but you also dont need to start dorians ring. So if you do plan on spamming AP supports just make sure you understand that your gold income won be the same. Take the gold mastery, get a Frost Fang, scale into another carry. All and all my favorites here are Brand and Karma. Both are absolute animals in and outside of lane, thei abilities scale pretty hard and they offer pretty reliable CC. Brand can bomb your whole team with two abilites but Karma can do an unexpected amount of damage with 1 ability while enabiling the enemy team to carry harder with the constant shields and empowered E.

Fatty Tanks... Everyones favorite meat shields. It was the best of time; it was the worst of times. All depends how you play the laning phase. If your thresh is god-like then your lane will go well, lvl 2 flash 2 man flay with ignite and the enemy bot lane will blow 4 sums or die. Ali recently got a nice rework, Thresh is still the fresh prince, Leona is mindless CC monster, and Naut is just a favorite of mine. All of these can be played to great success but if your lane doesnt go well and you can't transition to the mid/late game then kiss your LP goodbye. Overall just find what you like out of the tank category and roll with it. I prefer Nautilus because of the huge shields and reliable CC. To throw an honorable mention out there, Blitzcrank is overall one of the strongest supports because the pick potential just goes well with the nature of Solo Q. Most people know this already but if you don't then start abusing it, if you can hit skill shots 65% of the time and you know the enemy team won't be able to dodge then your golden. Once you get in higher Elo and people learn to dodge you have to do things like run in to knock up and then hook someone and just learning when/where to throw your hooks.


God Tier

Tier 1


Caitlyn Jinx Tyler1
Jhin Ezreal Lucian
Twitch Sivir Corki
Vayne Miss Fortune Varus

Marksman My favortite. As a role, Marksman isnt in a terrible spot right now because of the changes to armour pen and the popularity of COC(Courage of Colossus) supports, tops, and juglers alike. All these make for a nice front line to cover up your shitty positioning and poor mechanics. I mean this in the nicest way possible. Most AD mains are big headed and flame a lot. Trust me... I am one lol. I am reformed I swear; I keep the temp down as low as possible unless you are just down right an idiot.

God Tier ADs as just all best in class for what they do. Cait outranges everyone in the game; Jhin decent range while having the potetial to catch the enemy AD and 1 shot them when full build; Twitch can sneaky sneaky.. then open up on the enemy team doing massive amounts of damage to multiple targets; Vayne is just the 1v1 monster she has always been but now since the buff she doesnt get destroyed in lane as hard. If you play AD at all you'll probably be picking one of these champs, my recommendation would be Cait because she doesn't require a whole lot a knowledge of the champ to play her well. All though she has some good depth when it comes to under the surface mechanics.

T1 ADs are still veery viable and can be played to great success without much knowledge of the champs. Either champ listed here have a certain thing they do really well. Jinx is a late game monster; Ezreal can offer great pick potential with gaunlet as well as just being overall more slippery than usual; Sivir can do massive amounts of damage to multiple targets without going hurricane, she also enables her team better than any other AD using her ult; Miss Fortune is an overall lane bully and can translate that into a big lead, plus the if your team has a nice frontline with CC your ult is nasty. Out of all the champs here I like Sivir the most but I really enjoy that style of play and boomerangs... they always come back.. Ezreal would probably be the easiest as long as you can hit the Q. Just don't go thunderlords... I might punch you. Take fervor because it stacks on your autos/Q and don't you dare go tri-force.. Gaunlet is is entirely to good.

Niché marksman are only good if you play them to a certain degree. They all do something special if played correctly but if you are inexperienced at markman or just these champs in general I wouldnt recommend picking them. Tyler1 for example, he feeds on everything that isnt draven because the champ just fits him well. I'm a Lucian main but I don't even play him anymore because he is just in such a bad spot right now. Makes me sad that they finally made an AD caster with some insane mobility but they nerf him to shit. I still make sure I get a game in on ole' lucain every once in a while but he just feels so week even with fervor a slight buff. Anyways I cannot recommend you play any of these marksman, if you want to then you'll just have to live and learn. Figure out which one fits you and roll with it.